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The different types of hay nets


bag hay nets

These nets are made by machine. As material robust synthetic rope is used. All hay nets are to be filled easily because they can be opened widely. Perfect for stable, trailer or whereever you'd like to feed your horse with hay. Also very useful for submerging hay in water. You get from us hay nets with mesh sizes from 3x3 cm to 6x6 cm and filling capacities from 2 kg up to 13 kg pressed hay. 


high capacity
hay nets

The high-capacity hay net is applicable for fixed mounting and is nevertheless easily be transported from A to B. It is perfectly applicable for open stables, paddocks, stables etc. and can be delivered in nearly any size. All our high-capacity hay nets have a flap, so that horses cannot eat from the upper side.
High-capacity hay nets are delivered in knotfree material with 4-5 mm rope diameter in the mesh sizes 3x3 cm, 4,5 x 4,5 cm, 6x6 cm and 7x7 cm. We have a large number of standard sizes in stock. By request, we can deliver nearly all sizes from 1 to 5 m width and 0,90 to 1,40 m height.


hayrack hay nets

For extending feeding times while using a hayrack, we provide special hayrack hay nets. You can choose from different mesh sizes, materials and dimensions the adequate net. To find out the right size for your hayrack, please see the page "frequently asked".

round bale hay nets

The net for round bales is tailored like a box. You can put it over the bale completely. The net may be easily tightened with carabiners. Some specific features have to be considered; e.g. this net should not be just for shoed horses! Please see the page "frequently asked" for further information.

Information on the used materials:

Nets have a long lifespan provided that before purchase, it is considered that raw material, way of production, breaking load of the mesh and enforced rims are adequate to yours demands.

Our nets are made of polypropylene and polyamide (nylon/perlon). Following please find the most important properties of these materials which of course reflects in the price:

POLYPROPYLENE (high capacity hay nets, hayrack hay nets, round bale hay nets) has a very high UV-resistance, does not rot and is robust against lyes, acids, benzine and lubricating oils. Its bending strength and scrub resistance are satisfying. Polyporpylene has a poor water absorbation.

POLYAMIDE (NYLON) (Bag hay nets) is a continuous filament featuring the highest breaking strength and shows excellent resistance to abrasion. It absorbs water up to 7%. Tinted in a dark colour (e.g. green or black) it has a good UV resistance. Its prominent property is an excellent shock resistance not showing remaining deformation in its shape. A durable material when used indoor.