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Science Centre Weihenstephan, Technical University of Munich, 2005


In this study it was investigated whether the consumption time of hay is extended when hay is offered in a net with small meshes (mesh size 4x4 cm). 

24 horses were fed with "loose hay" or "hay in the net" both on 4 independend days. The time of hay uptake was more than doubled up to 86 minutes per kg when the hay was offered in the special net as compared to strewn across the floor.

The conclusion is that the hay net with small meshes is suitable for extending the time of hay uptake in horses.No injuries were found in this investigation, although all horses were shoed. However, for safety reasons it is recommended for shoed horses to install the hay net higher above the floor so that the horses cannot get into the meshes with the back of their irons. 


Veterinary University of Vienna, 2007


Subject of this study with our high capacity hay nets was to measure changes in the behaviour of horses, appearing when modifying the feeding system.

14 horses, kept in two open stables, were observed to draw a comparison between the existing feeding system – feed on a fodder table through a lattice – and feeding with high capacity hay nets (mesh size 6 x 6 cm). It was examined whether these hay nets have positive influence on locomotion, hierarchy- and forage behaviour and if they are able to extend the feeding duration.

The usage of the hay nets achieved a 26.6 percent prolongation of feeding time, increased the locomotion behaviour significantly by a third and caused a significant reduction of hierarchy behaviour by a half. The observation showed a decrease in foraging behaviour and a lowering in crib biting by more than a half. Manipulation of stones and wood bits ceased to exist totally. When returning to the original feeding system, the horses fell back into there primal behaviour. 

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